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Reimagine Prior Auth & Sleep Center Workflows

Tired of insurance companies calling the shots at your sleep center? Aarogram RCM streamlines the prior authorization process with AI-powered task management, designed to make you efficient, so you can focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Why Aarogram RCM
Delay in Serving Patients Means Delay in Revenue

At Aarogram, we go beyond traditional revenue cycle management. We redefine RCM as the efficient management of both revenue and patient workflows. Our innovative approach to revenue cycle management prioritizes patient outcomes, ensuring that the right patients are served at the right time while maximizing revenue through streamlined workflows.

Tired of constantly switching between payer portals and RCM screens?

Track ALL of your revenue operations and patient tasks in one place!

Task Management for Faster Revenue
Prior Auth Service


Don't work on prior authorization in the dark. Learn from your own previously submitted requests! Increase certainty of when prior auth is needed and reduce the chances of denial. 


Get actionable insights during prior authorization process. 

Judges Examining Document
Automated Checklist to Guide Staff


Authorization, claim & reimbursement are complex processes. Streamline sleep center business operations with automated tasks and reminders to guide the staff at every step.


Automated reminders for patient and payer follow-ups


Automated task creation and workflows based on patient insurance type

Business Intelligence & Revenue Analytics


Track patient progress and business operations in real-time for valuable insights

payement patient.png

Revenue Per Patient

value lifeline.png

Patient Lifetime Value

revenue tracking.png

Payment Tracking

EHR Integrations
Supercharge your EHR with revenue workflow management

Your EHR does not do what we do! But we understand how EHR is a central part of your workflow. Therefore, we have made our system compatible with the EHRs that you use. You can now submit prior auth request and get the latest status of your claims from your local system. Check compatibility of Aarogram with your EHR

HIPAA Compliant
Your Patient Data is Protected

Protecting your patients' information is our top priority. That's why we're fully HIPAA compliant, meaning we follow the highest standards to safeguard sensitive data. We ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your patients' information. With us, you can trust that your patients' data is always secure, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on delivering the best possible care.


Aarogram has stepped in as an effective co-pilot in our sleep center operations. From workflow checklists to automated reminders for claims processing, my staff and I are more organized and focused on high-priority tasks than ever before! I highly recommend it to any sleep center looking to improve their revenue cycle management.

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Leonor Pereira

Sleep and CPAP Center, California

Our Expertise

Why Sleep Centers Trust Us

We understand that running a sleep center is hard. At Aarogram, we have in-depth expertise in optimizing sleep center productivity. Our team provides seamless insurance reimbursement solutions and unparalleled efficiency to help your sleep center succeed.

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