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Simplify Sleep Center Workflow, And Get Paid Smoothly  

Is your staff struggling to run sleep center under the weight of the insurance companies? Aarogram RCM offers simple task management to get paid what you deserve.


Why Aarogram RCM

Delay in Serving Patients Means Delay in Revenue

We have a different take on how Revenue Cycle Management is done. Delay in scheduling patients for sleep studies is the delay in revenue cycle. Losing out on patients due to prior authorization is the leakage in revenue cycle. Compromise in the patient outcome is the compromise in revenue cycle. For us, serving the right patient at the right time is Revenue Cycle Management.

Tired of constantly switching between different software tools to get work done?
Track ALL of your revenue tasks in one place!

Patient Onboarding
Prior Authorization
Eligibility Verification
Claim Tracking
Insurance Reimbursement
Payment Status
24714 [Converted].png
Aarogram Revenue Task Management

Task Management for Faster Revenue

Business Intelligence & Revenue Analytics

Put lights on how your patients are progressing & how your business is operating.

Revenue Per Patient

payement patient.png

Patient Lifetime Value

value lifeline.png

Payment Tracking

revenue tracking.png

Automated Checklist to Guide Staff

Authorization, claim & reimbursement are complex processes. Streamline sleep center business operations with automated tasks and reminders to guide the staff at every step.

Automated reminders for patient follow-ups and payer follow-ups


Automated task creation and workflows based on patient insurance type


Prior Auth Decision Support

Don't work on prior authorization in dark. Learn from your own previously submitted requests! Increase certainty of when prior auth is needed and reduce the chances of denial. 

Get actionable insights during prior authorization process. 

Judges Examining Document

Navigate the Insurance Maze

Meet Aarogram RCM for Faster Revenue Cycle

A powerful task management tool that streamlines prior authorization, billing and insurance reimbursement processes for easy handling by your staff.

Prior Auth Support

Automatic Reminders

Reimbursement Tasks

insurance reminde
task managemnt
prior authorization

Engage Patients

Track Revenue

ptint engagement
revenue cycle intelligence
Patient Task List - Registration Tasks.png
revenue tracking

Get Visibility into Business

provider staff efficiency

Staff Time

patient profitability

Capture Revenue

As a sleep center manager, you have to rely on insurance prior authorization and reimbursement to get paid for the services you provide. Your staff spend hours doing repetitive process for each patient, but you don't have any visibility into how your revenue and patients are progressing. Therefore, Aarogram RCM offers revenue cycle intelligence with insights and recommendations at the every step of the prior authorization and patient journey for sleep centers.

Our Expertise

Why sleep centers trust us

We understand that running sleep center is getting harder

With the reimbursement landscape rapidly changing for in-lab polysomnography, running sleep center successfully as a business becomes critical for survival. With our expertise in sleep medicine, we understand how to survive and thrive as a sleep center owner.

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