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Get Back the Joy of Running Your Practice

Frustrated with insurance companies and outdated methods of managing revenue? Go beyond RCM to sail through complex insurance processes and make life easier for your staff.

For Sleep Centers

Reimagine Revenue Operations

Stuck between insurance companies and outdated methods of managing revenue? Go beyond RCM to empower your staff to achieve workflow and business efficiency.

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Solve the Insurance Puzzle in No Time

Relieve staff from insurance verification headaches and get instant clarity on patient financial estimates with AI. Improve upfront collections and forecast insurance payments today.


Increase in revenue collection per patient‍


Decrease in turnaround time for patient intake


Reduction in time for staff to verify insurance



Leonor Pereira

Chief Executive Officer,
Sleep and CPAP Center, California

Aarogram has stepped in as an effective co-pilot in our sleep center operations. From workflow checklists to automated benefits verification & claims tracking, my staff and I are more organized and focused on high-priority tasks than ever before!

I highly recommend it to any sleep center looking to improve their revenue operations.

Aarogram has stepped in as an effective co-pilot in helping our sleep center staff with insurance processes. From benefits verification to patient estimation for charging patients upfront, my staff and I are more efficient and focused on providing better patient experience!

I highly recommend it to any practice looking to improve their upfront insurance and patient collections.

Leonor Pereira

Chief Executive Officer,
Sleep and CPAP Center, California

AI-Powered SmartVerify for Practices that Thrive

No more patient insurance data dump - we interpret it for you!

No more calling the insurance companies - leave that to us!

No more confusion regarding costs - better patient experience!

Improved patient collection and reduced claim denials!

Why Efficient Patient Financial Clearance Matters

Why does your staff need help with insurance verification?
Generic insurance verification software leave staff to interpret vague benefits info overload - and often spend time confirming the benefits again over the phone. You need accurate service-level benefits info at your fingertip.
Why should you provide an accurate price estimate to the patient?
Patients are more likely to give up care if they can’t see how much it will cost. Being clear about prices helps patients and providers. It improves payments and improves patient experience.
Why do you need to know prior authorization requirements upfront?
Knowing prior authorization requirements upfront helps avoid unnecessary efforts by staff and delays in setting up appointments with patients.

What is The No Surprises Act?

As part of the No Surprises Act effective January 2022, federal regulations now require health care providers to provide a good faith estimate (GFE) for costs to patients in advance of receiving certain common procedures.  

Amidst the staff crunch, patient expectation and the pressure of the No Surprises Act, it is now more crucial than ever to get patient price estimates accurately and efficiently.

Automated Patient Financial Responsibility Sheet

Aarogram's system automatically generates the patient financial responsibility sheets - customized for your organization. This sheet clearly communicates the patient's insurance info and the patient's out-of-pocket responsibility.

Service-level Benefits Info Summary

Aarogram's system can parse the patient's eligibility data for accurate service-level info and summarize in a simple sheet for consumption of the staff or the patient alike.
Eligibility &
Patient Financial
Revenue Cycle
Payer Fee
Payment Forecast
Patient Estimation
Prior Authorization
Patient Financial Clearance

Revenue Cycle


Solve the insurance puzzle for your staff to remove friction for better revenue collection for your practice.

Automated Eligibility & Benefits Verification
Efficient Eligibility & Benefits Verification

No more data dump of insurance benefits, get to know what you need to know to move forward

CPT code-level insurance verification with an automated workflow that adapts

Fetch and summarize effective patient benefits info in just one click

Flexibility to use the SmartVerify feature with existing staff or to get a full solution

Accurate Patient Cost Estimates
AI-Powered Patient Estimate

Improve patient collection and patient experience with accurate cost estimates

AI generated patient responsibility estimates in real-time for price transparency!

Both dynamic and accurate patient pricing available to optimize patient experience

Create patient-friendly estimate sheets automatically for patient communication

Efficient Prior Authorization
Patient and Insurance Payment Forecast

Predict and improve both patient and insurance collection with confidence

Get clarity regarding patient and insurance A/R in advance

Recover the missing revenue with insurance under payment detection

Store and apply fee schedules and payer contract info easily


Solution for Your Specialty

Need more RCM support? Our RCM experts are here to take care of credentialing, prior authorization, billing, claim tracking and payments for your practice!

Insurance Benefits Summary & Patient Estimate Sheet
Automated Patient Payment & Insurance Payment Estimates
Insurance Fee Schedule Management & Underpayment Reporting

Supercharge your EHR with Patient Financial Clearance

Your EHR does not do what we do! Your EHR or practice management software provides only basic information about a patient's insurance eligibility, but it doesn't provide detailed benefits coverage info for specific services. We understand how EHR is still a central part of your workflow. Our system is compatible with the EHRs that you use. Contact us for more info.

We are HIPAA Compliant
Your Patient Data is Protected

Why Sleep Centers Trust Us

We understand what it takes to run a sleep center. The uncertainty regarding payments in the changing landscape of payers' policies leads to uncertain revenue cycle management and frustration for staff. Our team has in-depth expertise in sleep medicine and sleep center operations to help your sleep center succeed.

Sleep disorder related services:
- In-lab Sleep Study: Polysomnography (PSG)
- Split Night /CPAP Titration
- Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)
- Home Sleep Test (HST)
- Clinic office consultation
- CPAP treatment /DME rental
And more: contact us to learn more

Meet our Team

Expert in Neurology Testing Financial Clearance

We at Aarogram understand the insurance related challenges you face every day with managing neurology center. It puts a burden on your staff, causing operational and churn related issues. That's why our team at Aarogram has created a cost-effective solution just for healthcare practices like yours.

Neurology testing related services:
- EEG testing, Ambulatory (AMB) testing
- sEMU (Epilepsy) testing
- Testing for seizures, cognitive impairment
And more: contact us to learn more

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What's New

Insurance Verification & Patient Estimates - Made Easy.

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Healthcare practices across the country trust Aarogram to simplify financial clearance for their patients and optimize their collection. Use it with your staff or alongside your billing company - your choice. Curious to know how we do it?

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