Spend fewer man-hours filing paperwork for Prior Authorization

With our AI-enabled Prior Authorization Services designed specially for Sleep Centers, you can say Goodbye to paperwork headaches and Hello to faster approvals and improved patient outcomes.

Are you facing any of these challenges related to Prior Authorization ?

Uncertainty in prior authorization requirements by insurance companies​

Delay in setting appointments and providing patient care

Staff struggling to keep up with workload

Errors in submissions resulting in denials and revenue loss for sleep centers

Why Aarogram is Your Solution to Overcoming Sleep Center Management Challenges

Faster turnaround time for prior authorization

More clarity regarding pre-certification requirements​

Avoid mistakes and reduce paperwork requirements​

Less denials and more revenue

More time to focus on patient care over admin work​

Aarogram Advantage

We specialise in sleep medicine and understand your unique demands as a sleep center owner better than a generic service provider.

We have developed a low-cost solution for streamlining your procedure and cutting your operational expenditures by


We use proprietary data and AI-powered technologies to improve outcomes for your sleep facility.

Comprehensive Prior Authorization Services for Sleep Center Management

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Take Control of your Revenue

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Automate Patient Benefits Check

Increase Staff Productivity

Track Revenue Operations

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