Do I Need Upfront Estimates?

Patient Price Transparency

Why are more and more healthcare providers adopting price transparency in their practice these days?

83% of patients want to see accurate out-of-pocket costs before having health care services.

Apart from the new federal regulation requirements, patients also expect upfront info about their costs. This is especially important if you're struggling with patient collections. When your patients have a clear, upfront understanding of their cost estimates, they are more responsible for their payment, and less likely to cancel their appointments at the last minute. Transparent pricing ultimately not only builds trust between patients and healthcare providers but also enhances overall patient satisfaction and influences online patient reviews.

At Aarogram, we're helping many other healthcare practices like yours to bring pricing transparency by automating patient cost estimates with the help of our AI-powered automation system. It clarifies the patient's out-of-pocket responsibility based on their insurance benefits, eliminates surprises, and improves patient collection!

Should you collect patient payments upfront?

Success ratio of patient responsibility collections is often less than 50%.

Upfront payments significantly reduce the risk of unpaid bills, a growing concern in specialties like sleep centers and neurology centers where procedures can be costly. Not all practices are equipped with the right tools to produce the right billing numbers to the patients immediately and patients often prefer to be communicated benefits level information, not just rough estimation of what they owe. Informed patients feel valued and engaged, leading to higher patient satisfaction and treatment adherence.

An insurance benefits and out-of-pocket estimate sheet becomes a bridge of understanding, ensuring both parties are on the same page financially. This mutual trust creates an environment where healthcare can focus on its true purpose – transparency-- providing patients with the highest quality care.

Curious to know more about how we do it?

What is The No Surprises Act?

As part of the No Surprises Act effective January 2022, federal regulations now require health care providers to provide a good faith estimate (GFE) for costs to patients in advance of receiving certain common procedures.  

Amidst the staff crunch, patient expectation and the pressure of the No Surprises Act, it is now more crucial than ever to get patient price estimates accurately and efficiently.

Automated Patient Financial Responsibility Sheet

Aarogram's system automatically generates the patient financial responsibility sheets - customized for your organization. This sheet clearly communicates the patient's insurance info and the patient's out-of-pocket responsibility.

Service-level Benefits Info Summary

Aarogram's system can parse the patient's eligibility data for accurate service-level info and summarize in a simple sheet for consumption of the staff or the patient alike.

Why Efficient Patient Financial Clearance Matters

Why does your staff need help with insurance verification?
Generic insurance verification software leave staff to interpret vague benefits info overload - and often spend time confirming the benefits again over the phone. You need accurate service-level benefits info at your fingertip.
Why should you provide an accurate price estimate to the patient?
Patients are more likely to give up care if they can’t see how much it will cost. Being clear about prices helps patients and providers. It improves payments and improves patient experience.
Why do you need to know prior authorization requirements upfront?
Knowing prior authorization requirements upfront helps avoid unnecessary efforts by staff and delays in setting up appointments with patients.

Patient-centric Care and Staffing Crisis

How can you focus on providing patient-centric care while managing staffing challenges?

We understand that staffing could be a real challenge - that includes hiring, onboarding, training, managing and paying staff members to run your healthcare practice. Your staff has lots of tasks to manage with limited resources. But operating efficiently isn't just about finding more people to do the work. It's about helping your staff work smarter and not just harder. Instead of struggling with hiring, let us help you get the most out of the staff you have.

After partnering with other healthcare practices like yours, our team at Aarogram has built an AI-powered solution that is cost-effective and automates insurance verification, prior auth processes and patient cost estimation. It eliminates manual errors and frees up your team to focus on patients instead of dealing with the headache of tedious work and calling insurance companies.

Does this sounds like something you can benefit from?

I already use a billing company, where does Aarogram fit in?

Aarogram has stepped in as an effective co-pilot in helping our sleep center staff with insurance processes. From benefits verification to patient estimation for charging patients upfront, my staff and I are more efficient and focused on providing better patient experience!

I highly recommend it to any practice looking to improve their upfront insurance and patient collections.

Leonor Pereira

Chief Executive Officer,
Sleep and CPAP Center, California

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Healthcare practices across the country trust Aarogram to simplify financial clearance for their patients and optimize their collection. Use it with your staff or alongside your billing company - your choice. Curious to know how we do it?

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