Focus on Revenue with ROM

Experience a central hub for automated tasks and business intelligence built around Sleep Centers.

Easy workflow management for staff with automated checklists

RCM is a complex process. Streamline your revenue operations by breaking it down into easily manageable tasks for patient intake, prior authorization and payment for you and your staff to perform.

Get guidance with insurance-based custom checklists
Get notifications to surface tasks that need your attention
Automatically assign tasks to team members for improved efficiency

Automate benefit check and prior authorization with an AI assistant

Tired of constantly switching between insurance portals and calling insurance companies? Our ROM system comes with in-built automation for eligibility verifications, prior authorization, price transparency and patient pay estimates.

Single platform to connect with various insurance portals
Automated eligibility check, benefit verification & patient pay estimates
Automated prior authorization with decision support

Get visibility across your practice affecting revenue

Tracking pennies to save a dollar? Get operational and financial insights to make the right decisions to optimize revenue cycle. Pay for the production and not for the busyness of your staff. Measure real cost & optimize revenue per patient.

Track claim productivity and staff efficiency
Optimize scheduling and patient lifetime value
Improve payments and revenue collection ratio

Super Charge your EMR with Revenue Operations Management

Your EHR does not do what we do! But we understand how EHR is a central part of your workflow. Our system is compatible with the EHRs that you use. You can now submit Prior auth request and get the latest status of your claims from your local system.

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Take Control of your Revenue

Running a practice should be a joy, so explore the best co-pilot for your operational needs.

Automate Patient Benefits Check

Increase Staff Productivity

Track Revenue Operations

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