Speed Up Your Revenue Cycle

Solve the insurance puzzle for your staff to remove friction for better revenue collection for your practice.

Automated Eligibility & Benefits Verification

No more overload of insurance benefits data, get to know what you need to know to move forward confidently.

CPT code level insurance verification for specific services
AI-powered benefits check that include deductible, copays and coinsurance
Automatically summarize benefits info in a simple sheet for staff

Accurate Patient Cost Estimates

Improve patient collection and patient experience with accurate cost estimates.

Generate patient estimates in real-time for out-of-pocket responsibility
Custom-made forms and adjustable fee schedule to fit within your workflow
Create patient-friendly estimate sheets and auto-send via email or text

Efficient Prior Authorization

Reduce denials and move forward confidently with better prior authorization process.

Get clarity upfront regarding prior auth requirements for specific patients
Reduce patient turnaround time with AI assistant for efficient prior authorization
Reduce costs to submit and track prior authorization with add-on services

Supercharge your EHR with Patient Financial Clearance

Your EHR does not do what we do! Your EHR or practice management software provides only basic information about a patient's insurance eligibility, but it doesn't provide detailed benefits coverage info for specific services. We understand how EHR is still a central part of your workflow. Our system is compatible with the EHRs that you use. Contact us for more info.

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Solve the Insurance Puzzle for Staff and Patients

Getting the right answers for your patients should be easy, so get the best co-pilot for your staff.

Automated Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Prior Authorization Services

Accurate Patient Cost Estimates

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Getting patient financial clearance - made easy.

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