"Making healthcare practice more efficient is the key to providing better patient experience."

Kashyap Purani
Founder, Aarogram

Removing Friction for Healthcare Providers in Serving Patients

Who we are

We were founded by a team of HealthTech industry veterans who saw the need for a better way to deliver health care. We are passionate about using technology to improve the healthcare experience for everyone involved.

Why we do it

We want to help healthcare providers improve staff efficiency and remove friction from insurance processes in serving patients. Healthcare providers can improve patient collection and reduce staffing costs by optimizing patient financial clearance process.

How we do it

We make patient financial clearance easier and efficient for healthcare providers by automating and streamlining insurance verification, prior authorization and patient cost estimation. Our AI-powered platform frees up staff's time to focus, brings price transparency and improves patient collection for healthcare practices.

Our founders & leaders

Kashyap Purani

Co-founder and CEO

Kashyap has 10+ years of healthcare experience, specializing in digital health and sleep medicine technologies. He led a $1.5M NIH-funded sleep tech innovation and holds an MBA in Health Care from Johns Hopkins University, along with a bachelor's degree in pharmacy.

Priyank Thakkar

Co-founder and Advisor

Priyank has over 15+ years of experience in data analytics, AI software, and leading teams in regulated industries. He holds a master's degree in computer science from New York University and a bachelor's degree in information technology.

Shruti Mehrotra

Head of Marketing

Shruti has a background in Engineering and Molecular Biology and has extensive experience working with AI-driven health-tech products. Her marketing experience ranges from biomedical data platforms to remote ECG monitors. She is client-centric and is passionate about Prior Auth reforms and policies.


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Healthcare practices across the country trust Aarogram to simplify financial clearance for their patients and optimize their collection. Use it with your staff or alongside your billing company - your choice. Curious to know how we do it?

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