Aarogram's SmartVerify features in Sleep Review Magazine's Automation Software Guide 2023

Written by
Aarogram Team
Published on
January 18, 2024

Sleep Industry's leading publication Sleep Review Magazine has recently released its much-anticipated "Automation Software Solutions Guide for Sleep Centers 2023," and Aarogram's SmartVerify has found itself in the spotlight. The guide evaluated ten leading automation solutions in the sleep health space, including established names like Cerebra and Somnoware Healthcare Systems. SmartVerify's inclusion alongside these heavyweights is a testament to its innovative approach in Patient Financial Clearance automations and its growing impact in the niche.

What makes SmartVerify stand out? The Sleep Review Magazine editors were particularly impressed by its ability to automate tedious administrative tasks and streamline workflows in sleep centers. SmartVerify leverages AI and machine learning to handle everything from patient scheduling and intake to report generation and insurance billing, freeing up valuable staff time for patient care and research. This efficiency boost, as highlighted in the guide, can translate into significant cost savings and improved patient satisfaction for sleep centers of all sizes.

Sleep Review Magazine's recognition is more than just a feather in our cap; it's a validation of our commitment to empowering sleep professionals with cutting-edge tools. By automating monotonous tasks like eligibility and benefits verification, patient financial responsibility summary generation, and prior auth, SmartVerify grants invaluable time back to specialists, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: patients.

From optimized workflows to reduced costs and improved patient satisfaction, SmartVerify offers a path to improved sleep care delivery, one intelligent automation step at a time.

We invite you to explore the possibilities and see how SmartVerify can help you unlock the full potential of your sleep practice.