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Our Features

Aarogram RCM offers revenue cycle intelligence with insights and recommendations at the every step of the prior authorization and patient journey for sleep centers. It speeds up revenue cycle, reduces business uncertainty and improves patient care.

Insurance Eligibility


Aarogram RCM allows you to get real-time patient eligibility and benefit verification. It also offers a tool to estimate patient lifetime value based on deductible, reimbursement payment and medical necessity criteria for revenue optimization. 

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Task Management


Aarogram RCM automatically creates follow-up tasks for payers and patients. Streamline your business operations by keeping track of each patient's journey.  Send automated reminders to speed up revenue cycle for each patient.

Guidance for Staff


Aarogram RCM guides staff, increases staff output and reduces admin costs. We help your staff breeze through the revenue cycle management tasks. 

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Patient Engagement


Aarogram RCM also offers the patient intelligence and engages the patient at

the right moments to increase the patient compliance and improve the patient outcomes thereby optimizing the profitability for the sleep center.

Prio Auth Support


Aarogram RCM analyzes the past claim data of the sleep studies as well as payer specific guidelines to offer a decision support system for prior authorization.

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Revenue Intelligence


Aarogram RCM dashboard brings visibility to business aspects of the sleep center with its powerful analytics and visualization tools to optimize the overall revenue cycle.

Don't let claim multitasking weigh you down, let us simplify your workflow
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