Aarogram SmartVerify for Office Managers and Admin Staff

For office managers and admin staff managing day to day activities

Organize yourself with an automated to-do list

Tired of constantly jumping between different portals, tracking insurance status and doing payment follow-ups? Streamline your workload by breaking it down into easily manageable tasks for patient intake, prior authorization, claim submission, and patient & insurance company follow-ups.

Get guidance with patient-based custom checklists
Get notifications to surface tasks that need your attention
Automatically assign tasks to team members for collaboration

Automate tedious insurance processes with an AI assistant

Tired of constantly switching between insurance portals and calling insurance companies? Our system comes with in-built automation for eligibility verifications, prior authorization, status tracking and patient responsibility estimate calculation specifically for sleep center services.

Automated eligibility check, benefit verification & patient estimates
Single platform to connect with various insurance portals
Automated prior authorization tracking with decision support

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Getting patient financial clearance - made easy.

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